Composition of Cells in Tissue

Tissue comprises various different cell types. The composition of different cell types may be indicative e.g. for unknown tissue specimen or the origin of cell free DNA. We used various DNA methylation profiles of purified cell types to estimate the composition of cell types using deconvolution assays.


Schmidt et al. Deconvolution of cellular subsets in human tissue based on targeted DNA methylation analysis at individual CpG sites. BMC Biology, 2020.


Deconvolution 1
Multidimensional scaling (MDS) plot of the training data set.


Deconvolution of cell types 2
Deconvolution of in vitro DNA mixes measured with pyrosequencing. Five different mixes of five different cell types in different proportions were measured at the eight different sites. Shown are mixed versus estimated cellular fractions with our deconvolution algorithm.