Our assays

Prediction of biological ageSchema Aging

Aging is associated with highly reproducible DNA-methylation changes at specific sites in the genome. Cygenia provides methods to estimate “biological age” based on specific genomic regions.


Quality control of cell culturesiPSC Kolonie mit Fragezeichen

Cells in culture maintain epigenetic characteristics of their tissue of origin, their cell type, differentiation potential, and culture conditions. Cygenia provides methods for quality control of cell preparations and to estimate the cellular composition.


Epigenetic analysis of diseasesLeukemia bone marrow

Particularly malignant diseases are associated with specific changes in the DNA-methylation pattern. Cygenia can provide serive for research to develop biomarkers that may be of prognostic relevance.


Bioinformatic analysisBioinformatiker

Cygenia provides service for for experimental design on epigenetic analysis and DNA methylation profiling.