Innovation for your research

Epigenetics is a new area of research that opens great potential for comprehensive cellular analysis. Cygenia GmbH has established methods for various epigenetic biomarkers which are continuously further developed. The company was founded in March 2014. It is the first company to provide this kind of service on epigenetic biomarkers. Most of the assays have been designed at RWTH Aachen University Medical School in Aachen, Germany (patents pending). Cygenia addresses particularly scientists and clinicians. The results are provided in a ready-to-publish format. Cygenia GmbH is also very open to all kinds of scientific cooperation on these assays or beyond.

Cygenia GmbH has a close cooperation with Varionostic GmbH. Varionostic is Europe’s leading expert for DNA methylation analysis providing newest platforms of Pyrosequencing and MassARRAY. Its competence guarantees high quality for DNA methylation analysis for the specific applications of Cygenia GmbH. 


Management team

Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Wagner is Professor of Stem Cell Biology and Cellular Engineering at RWTH Aachen University Medical School (Germany). He studied Biology and Medicine in Bonn (Germany), Norwich (England) and Biel (Switzerland). From 2002 to 2009 he worked as intern and research assistant at the Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology, at Heidelberg University (chair: Prof. Dr. A. D. Ho) and as post-doctoral fellow at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). In 2009 he was appointed as University Professor at RWTH Aachen – initially supported by the Stem Cell Network NRW.

Uwe Gerstenmaier is CEO of Varionostic GmbH located in Ulm (Germany). As chemist he was trained in DNA analytics and molecular biology at the University Hospital Ulm and in 2006 he founded the spin-off Varionostic GmbH.